Affordable Care Act Tax Credit Information

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We are getting close to open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”.  The Marketplace or exchange will be ready for open enrollment 10-01-2013 thru 03-31-2014.

Brown Agency is certified as an exchange participant and will be an Alaska based local resource for any questions you might have, as well as assisting you with the enrollment process.

One of the purposes of the exchange will be to see if you qualify for federal tax subsidy. Those whose adjusted gross income is less than 400% of the stated federal poverty level for Alaska will qualify for federal tax credit assistance that will be paid directly to the participating insurance carrier you select from the exchange.  If your income exceeds 400% of the poverty level you will have additional options outside the exchange.

Please see the poverty level for Alaska for the current calendar year and remember these should be multiplied by 400%.



Persons in    family/household

Poverty    guideline

For   families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,030 for each additional   person.
1 $14,350
2 19,380
3 24,410
4 29,440
5 34,470
6 39,500
7 44,530
8 49,560

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